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Aromatic herbs appetizers (Recipe)

Ciabatta with Marjoram omelette (Recipe)
Beat the eggs with milk, flour and marjoram flowers. Pour in a oiled pan and cook both sides until golden brown. Stuff the ciabatta with...

Five Starters (Recipe)
Five starters in a step-by-step recipe to surprise your guests.

Crepes with ham and Truffle sauce (Recipe)

Cauliflower croquettes (Recipe)

Potato Gateau (Recipe)

Kohlrabi gratin (Recipe)

Sweet and Sour Burger with anise (Recipe)
Combine to the beef, breadcrumbs, anise, grated Parmesan cheese, milk and raisins and mix well. Form four burgers, cover with plastic wrap...

Aubergine rolls (Recipe - Italy: Sicily)

Ham Rolls with Bok Choi (Recipe)
Melt the butter in a pan with minced garlic and lime zest. Add the bok choi leaves cut into stripes, the single cream, flour and milk and...

Jambalaya (Recipe - Cajun)
The Cajun Jambalaya in a step-by-step recipe.

Lasagna with swordfish (Recipe)

Lasagna alla Bolognese (Recipe - Italy: Emilia Romagna)

Rich Lasagna (Recipe)

Pork Tenderloin with ham (Recipe)

Mozzarella in Carrozza (Recipe - Italy: Latium)

Herbs and ham loaf (Recipe - Portugal)
Mix together the flours, the minced herbs and the black pepper. Mix the yeast with the sugar and the milk, then add to the dry...

Bread rolls (Recipe)

Praga ham sandwiches with corn salad (Recipe)
Cut the rolls in half, spread the hummus and stuff Praga ham slices and corn salad leaves.

Parmigiana (Aubergine pie) (Recipe)

Oven-cooked pasta (Recipe)
Heat 4 tbsp. of olive oil in a frying pan, add peeled and chopped garlic and fry for 1 minute. Add canned tomatoes and Provence herbs....

Taste party single course (Recipe)

Ham fritters with honey (Recipe - Sweden)

Aubergine Meatloaf (Recipe)

Stuffed Tomatoes (Recipe)

Ham with ginger crust (Recipe)

Corn puree (Recipe)

Ham and Corn Quiche (Recipe - France)

Ham and Single Cream Raviolis pasta (Recipe)
Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, add raviolis and cook until al dente. Put the single cream, grated parmesan and nutmeg into a pan...

Cantonese rice (Recipe - China)

Strawberry and ham rice (Recipe)

Pumpkin risotto with Gorgonzola (Recipe)

Pumpkin and ham risotto (Recipe)

Turkey Roll (Recipe)
Step-by-step recipe.

Sandwiches (Recipe)

Star Shaped pasta with Spumante (Recipe)

Rice timbale with porcini mushrooms (Recipe)

Toasts (Recipe)

Torta Pasqualina (Spinach in Puff Pastry) (Recipe)

Rustic pie (Recipe - Canada)

Soup with Ginger and ham (Recipe - China)
Put two cups of water in a pot with the diced ham, minced ginger and cabbage cut into stripes. Cook 15 minutes. Pour in the serving bowls,...

Roasted vegetables soup (Recipe)

Children puff pastry
Today's recipe