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Biscuits, cookies, pastries
Biscuits, cookies, pastries
15 minutes
Coconut pralines
Biscuits, cookies, pastries
30 minutes
Cocoa biscuits
Biscuits, cookies, pastries

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Almond pastry dough (Pasta Reale) (Recipe - Italy: Sicily)
Pouring boiling water over the almonds in a pot and setting it aside for five minutes. Drain off the water and slip the skins off by...

Baklava (Recipe - Greece)
Unroll phyllo dough and cut into 12 sheets. Melt the butter using a bain-marie. Butter the bottoms and sides of a pan, lay a phyllo sheet...

Banana fritters (Recipe)
Crush the banana with a fork. Add the beaten egg, the flour, and stir well. Heat some oil in a pan and dollop spoonfuls of the batter into...

Bombo (Almond pastries) (Recipe - Italy: Sicily)

Buckwheat biscuits (Recipe)

Butter biscuits (Recipe - Scotland)

Chiacchiere (Recipe)

Chocolate and hazelnuts cookies (Recipe - USA)

Chocolate cookies (Recipe)

Chocolate Sweet Salami (Recipe)
Separate the whites from the yolks and whip them. Mix the yolks with the butter and the sugar. Add the whipped whites, the whiskey and the...

Christmas Pandoro Swirls (Recipe)

Cocoa biscuits (Recipe)

Coconut biscuits (Recipe)

Coconut pralines (Recipe)
In a bowl mix ricotta cheese, sugar, bitter cocoa and 25g coconut powder. Drop the remaining coconut powder on a large plate. Always wet...

Creamy Ricotta Cannoli (Recipe - Italy: Sicily)
Mix ricotta with sugar until smooth. Add cinnamon, grinded pistachios and chocolate drops. Fill shells, starting at middle and working...

Crispy Cookies (Recipe)
Mix the flour and sugar. Add beaten egg, minced orange zest, chocolate drops and puffed rice and mix well. Dissolve the baking powder in...

Double chocolate cookies (Recipe - USA)

Egg Biscuits (Recipe)

Fried panettone (Recipe)

Ginger and bran biscuits (Recipe)

Ginger coookies (Pepparkakor) (Recipe - Sweden)
Mix the flour with baker's ammonia, sugar, cane-sugar and cinnamon. Add the beaten egg, melted butter, minced ginger and cloves. Heat the...

Gingerbread Men (Recipe - USA)
Mix the flour with baking soda, cinnamon and ginger. Beat the butter with the honey and sugar, then add the milk. Combine the solid...

Glazed almonds (Recipe)
In a large pot, mix sugar with bitter cocoa, then add almonds and water. Toast over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the almonds...

Gothaab (Sweet fritters) (Recipe - Iran)

Gulab Jamun (Fried Sweet Balls) (Recipe - India)

Hazelnuts pastries (Recipe)

Koeksisters (Recipe - South Africa)
The directions to prepare koeksisters, fried pastries from South Africa, in a step-by-step recipe with pictures.

Pistachio in Puff Pastry (Recipe)

Pistachio Sweets (Recipe)

Rice biscuits (Recipe)

Snickerdoodles (Recipe - USA)

Tea biscuits (Recipe)
Mix the flour with baker's ammonia, add the sugar, the beaten eggs, melted butter and 4-5 spoonful of milk. Knead until the dough is...

Witch Sweet House (Recipe)
Step-by-step recipe.