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Banana Split (Recipe)
Slice the banana in half longways. Place banana slices in an small oval dish. Place scoops of ice cream on banana slices. Sprinkle with...

Pumpkin and hazelnuts tart (Recipe)

Chocolate elixir (Recipe)
Put the biscuits in two ice cream bowls and sprinkle with brandy. Put the ice cream on the biscuits. Garnish with whipped cream, hazelnuts...

Poached Pandoro and vanilla ice cream (Recipe)

Peach Melba ice cream (Recipe - France)
Puree the soft fruits with some spoonful of hot water using a blender. Add icing sugar, lemon juice, maraschino and vanilla extract. Put...

Banana cake (Recipe)
Separate the whites from the yolks and whip them. Mix the yolks with the butter and the sugar. Add the whipped whites. Mash the bananas,...

Seven layers ice cream cake (Recipe)

Salmon and ginger pasta
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