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Aromatic herbs appetizers (Recipe)

Cacik (Recipe - Turkey)

Five Starters (Recipe)
Five starters in a step-by-step recipe to surprise your guests.

Tartarian mushrooms (Recipe - Georgia)

Vegetarian Burger (Recipe)

Croatian salad (Recipe - Croatia)
Stir-fry the string beans with some butter until tender. Cut into small pieces and put them in a salad bowl. Add cubed mortadella, minced...

Herb Kuku (Baked omelette) (Recipe - Iran)
Beat the eggs with the baking powder, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, rose petals and black pepper. Mince together fenugreek, garlic and...

Pabellon Criollo (Recipe - Venezuela)

Cheese and chilies balls (Recipe)
Mince together chilies and aromatic herbs, then add the cheese and blend it until smooth. Using your hands and a spoon, shape into six...

Potato Rosti with Dill (Recipe)
Peel and grate potatoes, then wash them in cold water. Oil a 12 cup muffin pan. Divide potatoes among muffin cups. Pour 1 teaspoon of oil...

Tarator (Recipe - Bulgaria)
Crush garlic, walnut kernels and cucumber. Add salt, olive oil and two ice cubes and mix. Add yogurth and chopped dill.

Dill and Stracchino canapes (Recipe)
Put the round crackers on a serving plate, and put on each one a thin cucumber slice, a teaspoon of stracchino, and a small dill leaf.