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Chicken burritos (Recipe - USA)
Step-by-step recipe.

Avocado and herring canapes (Recipe)

Sausage and avocado omelette (Recipe)

Guacamole (Recipe - Mexico)

Avocado salad with Tuna (Recipe)
Peel and core the avocado, then cut into chunks. Discard the stem and seeds from the paprika. Combine all ingredients and season with vino...

Prawn and avocado salad (Recipe)

Potato salad with Fruit (Recipe)

Grapefruit and avocado salad (Recipe)

Nachos with beans and cheese (Recipe - Mexico)
Peel and slice the tomatoes, chop the garlic and chili pepper, then place them in a pan with a tablespoon of oil and cook for ten minutes....

Tortillas with Fish (Recipe - Mexico)

Children puff pastry
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